Nipper and Nick

By Kevin Ham

Some time ago, there was a squirrel named Nipper and a groundhog named Nick. They were burrow neighbors. They both helped each other to make a small tunnel from inside Nipper’s burrow going to the inside of Nick’s burrow. Nipper and Nick were best friends.

One day, Nipper and Nick were getting ready for winter. Nipper didn’t gather as many cherries as Nick did, because Nipper thought that he had enough.

A month passed, and Nipper was running low on food supply. Three days later, he ran out of nuts completely.

Nick squirmed through the tunnel between their burrows and asked, “Ya need some cherries?”

“I hate cherries!” Nipper said, although he had never tried one before. His squirrel friends said they tasted horrible. And he believed them one-hundred percent.

“Hey dude, ya wait a few more days and you’ll be passed,” Nick persuaded.

“I ain’t gonna pass away!” Nipper protested. “I’m alive as—”

His tummy growled loudly.

“Ya better choose before I eat all the cherries myself!” Nick said.

“Okay, fine! I will try one itsy bit of it. If I like it, I will take some more. If I don’t, I’ll—”

Nipper’s tummy growled even louder.

“Just give me a cherry. It seems like my tummy can’t wait any longer,” Nipper said.

“One cherry, coming right up!” Nick said like he was an assistant.

He handed the cherry to Nipper, who took a tiny nibble. A moment later, Nipper realized the cherry blasted with flavors inside his mouth.

“OMG, OMG this is so GOOD! I’m going bonkers right now! I can’t believe I haven’t eaten cherries before!” Nipper exclaimed.

“That’s why you should always try something before saying no,” Nick the groundhog said wisely.


Kevin Ham

Kevin Ham is in 4th grade. He likes to play basketball and enjoys running cross-country and track.