by Vivek Bellam

The detective’s cat sidekick climbed up the tall building to see if the mayor’s office was empty or musty. The detective had a giant yellow coat with a lot of pockets and a black top hat. The cat was a dark tan color and had fox ears with white paws. The mayor’s office was completely empty. The cat quickly jumped off the building and told the detective that the mayor’s office had been robbed.

He said, “Mew, mew mew mew mew mewwwwwwwww.”

The detective responded, “We must alert the mayor right away. Call the Po-Pos.” Po-Pos are what police are called in the detective’s world.

The cat got the detective his phone and called 199 (911 in the detective’s world). The operator said that they would alert the mayor right away. The mayor was an old man wearing a tuxedo with a monocle. His face looked like Einstein’s face.

When the mayor arrived he told the detective, “I wasn’t robbed. I just moved to a new location at the civic center.”

“Okay then sir,” said the detective. “But why didn’t you tell anyone about this?”

“It was going to be announced tomorrow,” said the mayor.

“Okay, well off we go then,” said the detective.


Ten minutes later, the detective got a phone call from the mayor. After the phone call the detective sped off to the mayor’s new office. The cat heard the phone call and got ready to investigate the scene of a burglary. When the detective arrived, he went straight to the mayor and asked about what was stolen. The mayor replied, “It was a pen.”

“Wait, what?” said the detective. “YOU CALLED ME OVER HERE BECAUSE YOUR PEN WAS STOLEN!?!?”

“Well duh,” said the mayor. “The only pen I use is the pen of gold and diamonds and it is immensely valuable.”

“Mew Mew Mewwwwwwwwww,” said the cat.

“Good idea, cat. I’ll go look for clues inside. Come sir, I need your help.”

After about two minutes of looking around, the door burst open and the cat mewed so loud that the windows shook. The mayor’s secretary walked in and set the pen on the mayor’s desk.

“Secretary, why did you take my pen?” asked the mayor as the cat started to claw and nip at the secretary.

The cat screamed, “Mew Mew Mew Mew Mewww.”

“Because I had to use it to write a document,” explained the secretary. “Sorry I didn’t tell you that I borrowed it.”

The detective asked, “Secretary, why do you have a gun?”

“That’s crazy!” she said. “I don’t have a gun!”

The cat suddenly yanked out a pistol from the secretary’s pocket.

“Fine,” said the secretary, holding up her hands in defeat. “I confess I wanted to assassinate the mayor. I was jealous. I took the pen because I thought I was going to be the mayor after news spread about his death.”

Soon Po-Pos arrived and the chief of Po-Pos said, “Case closed.”

The detective and his cat had successfully solved another mystery.



Vivek Bellam is a ten-year-old fifth grader who lives in California. His work is featured in Dancing With The Pen II: a collection of today’s best youth writing.