The Horse and The Donkey

by Elisabeth Kate Baer 

Once there was a horse and a donkey.

The horse knew his trade, and was wise.

The donkey, on the other hand, assumed that he would get whatever he wanted.

One day, the horse was grazing on the soft, green grass of the meadow. The horse sipped the cool, clear water of the stream.

Donkey was watching the horse jealously. “Hey, horse, give me a bite!” the donkey yelled.

“No, not unless you learn to trade.”

The horse pranced over to the stream. The donkey stomped behind the horse.

“Hey, give me a sip, horse!” The donkey pushed the horse.

“No, not unless you learn to trade.”

The donkey strode away into the meadow and began to eat grass.

A moment later the donkey ran back to the horse and said, “Hey, horse, show me where the good grass is.”

“No, not unless you learn to trade,” the horse replied calmly.

“Fine! I get half, you get half,” the donkey said, partially desperate and partially angered to the max.

“I will not eat, nor drink, half of the meadow, or the stream.”

“Uh…” The donkey did not know how to trade.

“Go home, donkey. Learn your trade.” The horse whinnied, and took off down the meadow, up the hill, and disappeared.

Bio photo

Elisabeth Kate Baer is a 10-year old writer from Atlanta, Georgia where she lives with her parents.  Her best friend is her cuddly dog Coco who inspires her to do silly stuff.  She has been writing stories ever since she can remember. Besides writing, Elisabeth loves to sing, play the violin and the piano. Music gives her tempo and inspiration and helps transport her to the places she writes about.