The Paper’s Adventure

by Sarina

A piece of paper was scribbled on by a child. It got thrown away. It went in the garbage truck, but a wind blew it away, up and up, higher than Earth, until it landed on the moon. The moon was very dirty and the paper had no friends living there. It was also very cold and lonely. So the paper decided to go back to Earth. He rolled himself into a ball and jumped off the moon.

The paper landed in a forest. Luckily, he made friends with some animals such as the fox and rabbit. The fox and rabbit played many games with him. They played tag, jump rope, soccer, basketball and so on. He liked to sleep with the squirrels, rabbits, and foxes because it was very cozy. The paper felt happy to have a lot of friends to play with.

One day, an eagle grabbed the paper in its beak and brought him to the recycling center. A worker saw the paper and made him new again. The paper got mailed to a house and a child drew a picture of her family on the paper and put it on the wall. She didn’t ever take the picture she drew off the wall in her bedroom. The paper was so glad to have somebody with him. He had found his new home.


Sarina is 8 years old. She likes reading books, dancing and playing with her friends.