The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll

by Michelle Bless

“Must stop,” the voice in his head whispered. “Please stop….”

Edward Hyde took another swig of whiskey and, dropping the bottle on the bar counter, slammed his forehead against his fist.

“Shut up, you miserable old man,” Hyde muttered, curling his long, hairy fingers into fists.

“Please,” the voice begged. “Please, just stop.”

Hyde growled and drank such a large sip of alcohol it burned his foul heart. Gasping for air, he punched his chest twice.

“Please,” the man within him whimpered. “Let me go. It was bad enough when you trampled that little girl. But now you’ve killed a man. You killed that man.”

Unable to endure the torment any longer, Hyde leapt up, pushing over the stool behind him, and stormed into the bathroom. Clamping his hands on the narrow sink, he stared at his reflection in the dim light of the tight room.

Repulsive, hideous, petulant, pugnacious—satanic—these were the words one could use to describe Edward Hyde. His yellow eyes were wild and his hair mangy. His statute was so small he could barely see his gruesome face in the mirror.

Not that he really wanted to. His genetically altered face was gar from human. It was the face of the darkest wishes and blackest sins of Dr. Henry Jekyll—the man now trapped within Edward Hyde.

“Oh please,” Jekyll moaned. “Just let. Me. Go.”

“Shut up!” Hyde screeched, glowering at his soulless eyes in the glass. “Shut up, you stupid fool. Your life is over,” he hissed.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Jekyll pleaded. “This used to be good. But now you are chaos. Left to yourself, you are chaos.”

“We,” Hyde harshly corrected. “We are chaos. You can’t keep trying to divide us. I am what has been in you since your birth. I have been caged your entire life. But you let me out.”

And now, Jekyll could not get the beast back in. He could no longer chain Edward Hyde within the depths of his soul. His body began shaking; his eyes became tired; his hands started quaking. Jekyll was trying to break free. He was struggling to regain control of his body.

Hyde gripped the sink until his knuckles turned white and threw his head against the cold washbasin.

His intestines twisted. His skin crawled over his body. His bones snapped.

Hyde banged his head again. And again. And again and again and again and again.

His body still twisted. His vision fogged, creating black spots around the room.

Hyde cried out and collapsed, writing on the ground. He was thrashing, squirming all over the floor, flapping his limbs like a bird caught in a net.

Jekyll was a sparrow, trapped in the net of Hyde. Trapped and making a futile attempt to escape.

Hyde got a grip on himself just long enough to get up and run out of the room. The bar only had a handful of stragglers in it that time of night, and not one of them paid any attention to Hyde; until he dove across the counter and grabbed the bartender around his throat.

The man kicked and wiggled and attempted to scream, but Hyde had his neck locked in a death grip. The loiterers sprang into action, seizing Hyde and forcing him away from the barkeep.

“What’s the matter with you, fella?”

“He’s drunk, that’s what.”

“Get him out of here!”

They were all shouting at Hyde, trying to reason with the demonic creature.

“Wait a minute,” one voice rose above the rest. “That’s Edward Hyde! He’s wanted for the murder of Sir Danvers Carew!”

The men went into frenzy, calling for the police. Hyde thrashed and escaped, disappearing into the streets. After running ten blocks on his stubby legs, he paused against a streetlight in the cold night air of London to catch his breath.

“Well, Jekyll,” he panted, “would you like to come out now?”

He didn’t. Jekyll ceased fighting and let himself fall deeper and deeper into Edward Hyde. He would never escape the evil within—the monster he had allowed himself to become.

He belonged to Edward Hyde.



Michelle Bless is a seventeen-year-old Texas native who has been writing stories since the age of six. Born the sixth of nine children, her family’s wide-spread interests and personalities never fail to give her inspiration for characters and plot-lines. Hoping to become a professional author, Michelle will be attending Texas Tech University in the fall, pursuing a degree in English.