The Suitcase

by Sierra Kemme

Once there was a suitcase. It was just like any ordinary suitcase. It lived in a dusty old closet, and was hardly taken out.

Then, one rainy spring morning, the door opened. Its owner packed the suitcase with all sorts of clothes. This made the suitcase very happy. It was finally going somewhere new!

At the airport, it was put onto a conveyor belt among its fellows. The suitcase tried to communicate with them, but found they didn’t have a voice like it did. Then, they were all loaded into the underbelly of the plane. It was dark there, and the noise made the suitcase nervous. It had never been on a plane before.

A few hours later, it heard the faint voice of the captain over the intercom. “This is your captain speaking. We’re encountering some turbulence. I’d advise everyone to please fasten their seat belts.”

The plane shuddered. The suitcase was worried. Was its owner okay?

Then, smoke poured into the compartment. The suitcase could hear people coughing and gasping for breath. Suddenly, the plane was ripped in two. Fire and jet fuel mixed together, creating a massive explosion.

The suitcase remained unscathed as it fell to earth past flaming debris and chunks of other suitcases. As it was falling, the suitcase could see a pot of petunias and a stuffed toy whale, also hurtling towards the earth. To the suitcase, the fall lasted for hours (although in fact it was only a few minutes.) Then it saw the forest below, and knew this landing would hurt. It prepared itself for the inevitable landing.

The suitcase crashed though the tree, and landed on the ground with a loud thump. It knew no more.

Two days later, an agent from the FAA came looking around the debris site. He spotted a lone suitcase, mostly untouched. The agent walked over to it, and gently lifted it up. “How did you survive?” he whispered. “What happened here?”

The agent then took the suitcase, and walked back to the command center, wondering what secrets the suitcase might hold…


Sierra Kemme is 22 years old, and she was born in Mission Viejo, CA. She has been writing for 10 years, and her hobbies include Archery, Rock Hounding, Herpetology and Photography. She has three bearded dragons, and loves to read. Sierra has hopes of becoming a bestselling author, and never ceases to find inspiration in the world around her. She plans to have a career in CAD design.