The Underwater Library Lobster

by Andrew

Once there was a lobster named Logan. He lived in a hole behind a little lobster-shaped door in the ground of an underwater library. Logan slept in the morning. At night, he came out and the library was his. At first, he had a big problem. Then he made a friend. This is how he solved his problem. (Read on to find out…)

Every night, Logan’s troubles kept going on and on. What was this disaster? Well, when he tried to read, he couldn’t flip the pages because he would rip them with his claws!

One night, Logan heard a sound. Clack, clack. He felt frightened, but he walked closer and closer until he saw a creature. It looked like a crab. It was a hammer crab.

Logan said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to find a friend.”

Logan was feeling alone. He said, “I could be your friend.”

The hammer crab was happy.

Logan said, “My name is Logan.”

The hammer crab said, “My name is Hammy. Nice to meet you.”

Logan was happy to meet a new friend. He asked if Hammy could help fix his problem.

Hammy said, “I used to have that problem too!” He told Logan how to flip the pages of a book without ripping it: get a bookmark and put it in the book and lift it a little bit. Then carefully slide in your claw and flip the page.

Logan tried this out, and it worked!

The two friends lived happily ever after, reading books together in the underwater library.


Andrew is in second grade at Donlon Elementary School. He likes playing Legos and Tether Ball.