The Tricky Genie

by Ethan

I was at a big playground with tan bark when I saw the genie. He was as small as a tadpole. He appeared out of nowhere! I thought that genies were fake. I asked him to have no school forever. He disappeared and so did the school.

First, I relaxed all day, in the outdoors, with video games, and going to camps. We played tag outside. We played on the Nintendo. We also had fun at a camp where you have a pie fight every Friday.

However, after a while, I felt bored. I felt like it was too much of the same thing. There was nothing new to do. I felt like I wanted to work because I missed challenging myself.

In addition, I would not have any education. I would not learn any history so I won’t know the past. I wouldn’t learn any science so I won’t know about my body. I would not learn any art so I won’t know how to create anything.

I wanted to be back at school so much, I felt like crying. I thought that the genie would be at the playground. But when I arrived there, he was gone!

I slapped my head. Ouch! I woke up in my large bedroom. It was all a nightmare! I looked at my clock. I was late for school, but at least I felt excited to go to school!