The Fox and The Owl: A Tale of Cleverness

Write On! Fiction Prize Honorable Mention, Ages 12 & under

by Logan Chan 

Owl was sitting in her favorite tree when Fox walked over and said, “Hello Owl, how is your gold storage?” Fox then gave her a large smirk.

Owl repositioned her talons and stared. “Hello Fox, my gold storage is fine, now that I have my new traps.” Owl waited for a response, but it never came. All Fox did was turn around and walk back to his camp.

Owl didn’t mind. She didn’t like Fox because he was always trying to steal her gold, as she was trying to steal his. They never really liked each other, especially not after this day. For Fox was planning his ultimate attack. He had bought the best spies, bombs, and miners to get into Owl’s camp and take her gold. Owl had known of this plan for many moons. She was swift and silent, so it was easy to fly above and listen to their plan.

When night fell on the land, Fox and his team set off to Owl’s camp. Previously, Fox had come over to Owl’s side and looked at her defense strategy; tonight, it seemed, she had added more than anticipated. When Fox reached the camp, the plan began. The spies snuck over the walls, the miners dug under, and the bombs were ignited.

Meanwhile, Owl had her army and ambushed Fox’s team. She had miners on the ground, archers in the towers, and a bomb shelter around her gold.

While Fox’s team was being overrun, he went around the base. He saw one of his spies land near him. The spy was badly hurt. “Help…” he said, but Fox ignored him. He wanted the gold for himself.

When Fox walked into the gold storage, the gold was gone! It was just bombs and Fox realized this was all a trap! The bombs went off and Fox was blown so far, he flew into the next kingdom, and Owl never saw him again.

As for Fox’s team, Owl made them work for her until they paid her the money Fox owed her.

The moral of the story? To be a team leader, you must be a team player.


Logan Chan is in the 7th grade. He likes to play video games, read and write stories. He has been going to writing camp for almost three years. Besides writing, he plays volleyball and soccer. He has been playing soccer for eight years. He really loves cats, so he usually writes about them in detective mystery stories or playful little kitten stories. He is very good with computers and electronics. He gets inspiration for writing from his mom, who also write a lot. His favorite school subject is math and he does percussion in my school band. He has always been a good student, almost always A’s, and was the first in his family to win the Presidential Award in elementary school.