The Three Little Figs: A Fairytale Adaptation

Write On! Fiction Prize Honorable Mention, ages 12 & under

by Benjamin Webb

Once upon a time there were three figs sitting in their hard rough box in the fruit section of a small grocery store talking about some important things nobody knew the answer to.

“What happens if we get bought by a human?” the first fig asked.

“I heard they bake us into FRUITCAKE!” discussed the second fig.

“I heard tha-” but the third fig didn’t get a chance to finish. The three figs suddenly got moved from their box to a stringy plastic bag!

The figs got mushed, smushed, tossed, and squashed on the car ride to the human’s house. They all hated it. Finally, the car parked in the driveway and the human took the figs into a fancy kitchen with a glass chandelier, marble counters, and wooden cabinets.
The human dropped the bag into a fruit bowl and left the room. The figs pushed each other to get out of the cramped rubbery bag. They heard a small shrill voice.

“Hey stop right there!”

The figs looked down and saw a bitter looking blueberry.

“How would you like it if a stranger walked into YOUR house? I’m the big bad blueberry and I’ll smush you!”

“You’re just a small berry!” laughed the third fig. Saying that was a big mistake.

“You think I’m small, huh?” yelled the blueberry, “Take this, HI YAH!” Then, the little berry rolled into the third fig and knocked him off the counter!

“HELP!” screamed the third fig.

“Run!” the second fig yelled.

These figs were much alike except for one thing: their hiding skills. The first fig didn’t care where he was running, he just cared about hiding. He jumped into a small teacup on the edge of the counter.

The second fig always cared about hiding high up. He jumped on a blender and reached out onto a cabinet near him to climb up. He climbed and climbed, until he reached the top of the kitchen. Then, he leaped off the top cabinet and in midair grasped one of the arms of the fancy glass chandelier.

The third fig, who had almost broken a leg falling from the counter, limped over to a shiny, empty cabinet. He liked to take his time to find the best hiding spot. He struggled to open the cabinet but he didn’t go inside it. He sat there on the shining tile floor, waiting for the berry to come.

The tiny berry knew where all three of the figs were hiding because his house/fruit bowl was at the best spot in the kitchen!

“Those figs don’t have a chance!” laughed the berry as he walked over to the first fig’s hiding spot. “Oh fig why don’t you let me in?” asked the berry.

“Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin will I let a berry like YOU in!” shouted the first fig.

“Well I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and I’ll roll your house down!” yelled the berry as he rolled into the cup and knocked it off the counter. The first fig tumbled off with the cup but at the last second he grabbed the edge of the counter.

“HELP!” the first fig screamed. The berry swiped at the first fig but missed. The first fig pulled himself onto the counter and dashed away from the berry, who was now chasing him. It would take a long time for the berry to climb the cabinets that the first fig was now climbing up to get to the second fig’s hiding spot.

“THE BERRY IS COMING!” shouted the first fig.

“Jump to the chandelier!” yelled the second fig, reaching his arm out.

The 1st fig looked down at the berry who was almost at the top, shrieked and pushed himself off the counter, just barely able to grasp the second fig’s hand. The first fig pulled himself up onto the chandelier and watched as the berry finally got up to the highest cabinet.

“Let me over there!” demanded the berry.

“Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins will we let a berry like you in!” the two figs shouted.

The berry pulled out a fork from the cabinet and hooked it to one of the arms of the chandelier, yelling, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll roll your house down!”

The berry rolled straight into the fork, which caused it to spin over! The two terrified figs were not holding on very well so they flung off the chandelier!

“HELP!” the two figs cried as they fell down.

Luckily someone heard their call. The third fig’s cabinet was under the chandelier, which made it easy to see all of the action. He also heard his friends screaming for help. The third fig dragged a pile of napkins to where he thought the two other figs would land. Boing! The first and second fig landed on the soft pile causing an eruption of napkins to spread across the kitchen.

“In here!” the third fig whispered as he jumped into the cabinet. The two other figs got in and the third fig explained his plan. The first fig then shut the cabinet door and they waited for the berry to come.

Meanwhile, the berry grabbed a fancy napkin (for special occasions). He hopped on the napkin and glided down to the hiding spot.

“Oh figs why don’t you let me in?” asked the berry.

“Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chins will we let a berry like you in!” the three figs shouted.

The berry had enough of this nonsense and yelled, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll-”

“You’re not going to roll anyone’s house down!” yelled the second fig as the other two figs pushed the cabinet door open.

SPLAT! The berry was crushed by the hard, sturdy cabinet doors and there was a weird blue goop covering one of them.

“The berry is gone!” the three figs cheered. They lived happily ever after.


Benjamin Webb

Benjamin Webb is in 4th grade. In his spare time he likes to draw, write, play video games, and pet his cat Misha!