by Johnny Tam

It was on that spring day beneath a free roaming
When you wandered the forest
When I wandered the forest
Traveling towards a sanctuary
Hidden in the sea of trees.

Traversing those untamed paths
Side by side yet
Always behind by a step
By a breath
A whisper.

Listening to the ambience of the world passing by
Chattering birds and shuffling feet
Roaring cars and idle chatter
Straining to hear the echoes
Footsteps drifting beside us.

Underneath the shaded canopy
Finding ourselves there again and again
Where you found my book
Where I found your pen
Searching together but
Always behind by a moment
By a second
An instant.

It was on that spring day beneath a free roaming
Someone sat next to you
Someone sat next to me
Overhead the noble tree bloomed in brilliance
Under those blossoms, the bench full with our
It was that moment
we turned and we met.

About the Author (in his own words):
Chemistry, sophomore, math minor, creative writing minor, trombonist, Starcraft II gamer. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to realize that when you write your ideas down, you can actually remember them and then other people can read about them. High fantasy is my usual medium, but I’m not afraid or unable to write in other genres. I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo for the past few years– you should check it out because it’s an awesome thing! I took Intro to Creative Writing my sophomore year and it was a blast. I really got into poetry and started to develop my own style.