Cool Anemone

by Nicole

Sea anemones are friends of the clown fish,
hammer crab and more.
Sea anemones look like cute little hairy plants.
When a huge wave goes over them,
sea anemones don’t get blown away.

Never touch an anemone
or else it might sting you.
It does not want you to touch it.
Sea anemones help little clown fish take a bath
by eating tiny crumbs off them.
They are protection for some animals
who carry sea anemones on their backs
so predators can’t eat ’em.

In a little rock,
a little anemone in a hole.
Its body is a nice fresh orange
and its fuzzy hair is pink.
It is shy
so it hides in a hole in the rock.

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Nicole is in fourth grade at Donlon Elementary in California. She loves art, tether ball, and nature. She lives with her parents and younger brother, Andrew.