by Kanchan Naik

Your glassy surface
Bluntly paints
A picture of the obvious:
Bitten lips
Bulging waistline
Bandaged legs

Yet if I were to throw
A challenge like no other
To pick up your brushes
And paint me much more —

Lips that have sung sweeter
Than the golden birds above
A stomach that hungers for
Daring adventures
A mind that travels kingdoms
Faster than the quickest legs

And yet you give up.

Same picture again
Countenance as shallow
As skimmed water
O Mirror! I pity your dread and dismay
For not diving into the waters
Of a person’s soul


About the Author (in her own words):
Ever since I was little, my only goal was to find something exciting to write about. When I stayed up late reading baffling mystery novels or hoisting a flashlight to make sense of poetry, I found another world rich and exciting, where anything and everything was possible. But what I realize now is that there’s always a mystery or an adventure in our ordinary, everyday life; so when I look for inspiration, I look for a spark in events that are completely real. Other than that, I’m a Potterhead, a whistler, and a complete sap for Disney movies and their happy endings. I like to feel, whether it is feeling the emotions of the characters in the books or feeling the surface of the rocks while climbing blindfolded… It’s like nothing else exists except perhaps my whistling to the wind.