The Star

by Holmes

A single single dim star
Blinking in the black black dusky air
It was taken by a lonely girl, a sweet angel
The angel with a pair of broken wings
Which showed her wound, the wound from the past year
When the single star
Combined with the angel’s tear
Sadness and cheer
Became the Pandora’s box
Not only the pain, but also the war
the war in the angel’s heart
Never show up, but always there
The angel was waiting for
For the star to be here
And also back to her
Year after year
Never give up, even stronger
This is what the love for
No more description, no more words
just stay still forever

About the Author (in his own words):
Flowing water does not have shape; drifting wind does not have a footprint; however, there is only one truth of everything! That’s me, a person who is full of curiosity to find the answer to almost every question. Can you imagine a Purdue University Animal Science senior student is interested in reading murder mystery stories? But that is the truth! To be a scientist is a perfect occupation while becoming a private detective is an unreachable profession for me. However, I hope you can enjoy my poetry and take away something with you: the truth!