Writing Without Inspiration

by Johnny Tam

This was supposed to be an elaborate emotion-
filled poem.
Inspiration was to descend
Accompanied with heavenly fanfare.
Sweet metaphors, rich imagery, sung by a muse.
The world encapsulated within these words.

Inspiration escapes me, drifting like a lost balloon.
Nothing sparks the hearth of creation
Lying cold like the night.
Even as these words sprawl across this page
They struggle to find their place
Among these empty thoughts.

Fingers tap across the counter, the heartbeat of a
dying masterpiece.
Stagnant is the mind
Racing through a barren flat.
Eyes lock onto the paper, lost in a black and white
Line after line stacked one atop the other.
The embers of creativity
Snuffed by a shrinking eraser.

Desperation sets in, hollow words scratching the
Frustration grows,
Scraps form a sea of half-ideas,
Give up and walk away.
My baton lay abandoned,
The orchestra without their conductor.

About the Author (in his own words):
Chemistry, sophomore, math minor, creative writing minor, trombonist, Starcraft II gamer. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to realize that when you write your ideas down, you can actually remember them and then other people can read about them. High fantasy is my usual medium, but I’m not afraid or unable to write in other genres. I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo for the past few years– you should check it out because it’s an awesome thing! I took Intro to Creative Writing my sophomore year and it was a blast. I really got into poetry and started to develop my own style.