Take Care, Take Care

Write On! Poetry Prize Honorable Mention, ages 12 & Under

by Anika Johnson

I am offering this garden to you,
Since I have nothing else to give,
Keep it like a power
When you need it the most
The snow can never bite through,

Take care, take care

I have nothing else to give
So use it like a pot full of gold,
It’s your super power
Use it well when you need it

Take care, take care

Keep it like a treasure
Grow your feelings
Grow your love and joy
Burn off the fire and anger
Have it like a power

Take care, take care


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Anika Johnson is 11 years old and is in 6th grade. Her hobbies are volleyball, writing and making fairy houses. She was born in Ventura, California and now lives in Ojai with her mom, dad, twin sister and all of her pets. Her favorite subjects are English and Science. She loves holding her chickens and loves to bake with her sister. One day she wishes to have a cow on her farm.