Whisper, Trees

Write On! Poetry Prize Bronze Winner, Ages 12 and under

by Samitha Nemirajaiah

I walk silently by the trees,
And without asking,
While the wind does a dancing,
They whisper,

They whisper of the boiling summer months,
The sorrow coming with autumn,
The frozen bliss they get in winter,
And the joy when spring returns.

Their whispers wrap me in a blanket of knowledge,
While I sleep, resting my head on their aged roots,
I wait for the silent prancing of the wind,
For the whispers come too.

I awaken, for what startled me was the silence,
The silence of which is devoid of whispers,
Devoid of knowledge,
Devoid of anything.

I call out to the wind,
Begging for whispers to come back with the trees,
And, yes! The wind comes frolicking through the trees, although
The silence still hangs in the air.

I lie on the aged roots of the trees, thinking,
Was this a dream?
I couldn’t believe it.
Please Whisper, Trees


Samitha Nemirajaiah is eleven years old and is in seventh grade. Her hobbies include reading and playing tennis. She was born in Houston and now lives in Katy, Texas with her mom, dad and brother. Her favorite subjects are math and science. She has a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo, enjoys eating cheesecake and ice cream, and her favorite book series is the Harry Potter series.