Butterfly Effect

Write On! Poetry Prize Honorable Mention, Ages 13-18

by Sam Jacovitz

If you were to go back in time and pluck the wings off a flying butterfly would it make a difference?
If you were to have called her before she went out and had too much to drink would it have made a difference?
How significant is every single decision you make throughout the day?
And how insignificant?
At the end of every day
We all close our sleep-deprived eyes
We all started from the same place
Attached to the umbilical cord
But everyone ended up on different paths
How can one feel insignificant
When once their self conscious forms
They are capable of doing whatever they please.
The self has infinitely more freedom than the society we all conform to.
Every decision
that you express goes on to alter the universe.
How can one feel significant when all other 7 billion people are just


Sam Jacovitz is a senior at Friends Seminary in New York City. He is an avid fan of many different sports including soccer, basketball, and tennis. He loves being around people, and his interest in poetry was just recently discovered. He wrote this poem at the New York State Summer Young Writers Institute at Skidmore College this past summer.