Summer Angel

Write On! Poetry Prize Silver Award, Ages 13-18

by Kanchan Naik

Beauty was a burden for which she had no hands to hold
Just as the sea can never carry the sun’s face of gold
Thus buried in the copper folds that is this land of clay
Is the wide-eyed winter angel who wished to see a summer day

Born in a whirl of white beneath a pearly sky
Engraved in snow just as autumn waved goodbye
Was the curious winter angel, as trusting as a child
With wings too fragile for the heartless winter’s wild

And there she lay, in the frost and the snow
Braving the hail’s every furious blow
Longing for the warm smile of the Sun
Praying for Summer even as the storm begun

The skies turned dark as the wind howled and cried
To which a fading snow angel silently replied,
“Summer is somewhere, beyond this cold,
Where the earth is emerald and my wings are gold”

Drifts of chilled sleet settled over her face
Yet she spoke through the winter’s bleak embrace,
“Summer is laughter, a radiant beam,
Just merry enough to quiet my scream”

Then the blast retreated, like a soldier grown old
A single ray shattered clouds, proud and bold
The angel — she watched, and felt a little lighter
Her wings grew thinner as the world grew brighter

The poor winter angel thought she learned to fly
The frost was softening — she was learning to die
Yet she smiled a little, for she discovered a hue
The last thing she saw was the sky’s first blue

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Kanchan Naik is a dreamer. Writing is an ocean to her where she dives to find the right words, drowns to breathe emotions, and dabbles in darkness to find the light. She is a freshman at the Quarry Lane School.