Tomorrow Never Came

Write On! Poetry Prize Honorable Mention, ages 13-18

by Sameed Sayeed

I keep waiting for you.
The bed is made up on your side.
Tears saturate my pillow that still smells like you.
I long to have you here.

There are only photographs left,
the memories tinted with shades of blue.
The mirror that once held a perfect reflection of you
just holds me and, hell, is it lonely.

I keep hoping that you will walk through the door
and beckon me to your extended arms.
But waiting is hopeless
Because you’re never coming back.

You said you would meet me tomorrow,
but tomorrow never came.

I can’t cry any more tears.
And my liver won’t tolerate another sip.
This whiskey is stagnant and burns my throat.
Cigarettes have lost their flavor.

Because tomorrow never came.

sameed sayeed

My name is Sameed Sayeed, and I developed a love for writing at a very young age. I am fifteen years old, and unlike my peers, I enjoy going to my school where I am instructed to do my passion, writing. One day, I hope to be an inspiration to all young and aspiring authors around the world. I sincerely give my thanks to Word Smorgasbord for publishing my work.